Mettā Sutta

Universal Loving-Kindness

For those developing goodness and who walk the path of peace,
This is what should be done:

Let them be able and upright, straightforward and gentle of speech,
Humble and not conceited, easily satisfied and contented,
With the bustle of life unburdened, and frugal in their ways.
Discreet and courteous, with senses calmed,
Not proud or demanding in nature,
Let them not do the slightest thing of which the wise would disapprove.

Let them not deceive another, nor despise any being anywhere.
Let them not through anger or enmity wish harm unto another.
Even as a mother with her life protects her only child,
So with boundless hearts, free from hatred and ill will,
Let them cherish all beings,
Radiating lovingkindness throughout the world,
Above and below, and outward without limit:

May all beings be tranquil and secure. May all beings be happy.
Whatever beings there may be, omitting not a single one,
Whether weak or strong, short or long,
The mighty, middling and minute, the seen and the unseen,
Dwelling near or far, those born or to-be-born,
May they all be happy! May they all be happy!

Whether sitting or standing, whether walking or lying down,
Ever alert, let one develop such mindfulness.
This, one can say, is the Noblest Path.
Not clinging to fixed views, being free from sense desires,
The pure of heart, with clarity of insight,
Are not born again into the world.