Off-Center Committee – ONGOING SERVICE Opportunities

The Off-Center Committee is in search of new team members, including those who are interested in taking on leadership roles! The teams do all the prerequisite work needed to make non-center courses (organized at rented facilities) run smoothly. The off-center committee is organized into the following teams:

* = more team members needed
Core Team (Decision making)
* Meditation Hall Team (Planning and setting up the Dhamma Hall)
* Household Team (Planning and setting up residences and student supplies)
* Grounds Team (Camp layout, signs & course boundaries)
* Kitchen Team (Kitchen & Dining Hall)
Admin Team (Onsite registration and orientation, Metta Day, Dana collection)
Logistics Team (Transportation and storage, students shuttle, onsite parking)
Online Registration Team (Student/server registration, server coordination,
pre-­course communication with students/servers)
* Long Term Planning Team (Site search, financial planning, course scheduling)
Inreach Team (Server coordination)

Please contact us if you would like more information or have the volition to serve on any of the teams!

(347) 815-7635