Public Dhamma Talks in NYC in November

Dr. Paul R. Fleischman, award-winning psychiatrist, senior Vipassana teacher and author of several books, will be speaking at the following events.

These lectures are free and open to the public. Currently these talks are open to non-meditators and we encourage old students to forward this information along to friends and family who may be interested in Vipassana meditation.

“Vipassana Meditation: Psychology, Science, and Way of Life”

Date: Tuesday, Nov 12, 2013; 6pm to 7.30pm (6–7pm, followed by Q&A)

Location: Columbia University: Milbank Chapel in Teachers College

Address: 525 W 120th St New York, NY 10027 (map)



“Vipassana Meditation: An Ancient and Modern Psychology”

Date: Saturday, Nov 16, 2013; 4pm to 5.30pm (4–5pm, followed by Q&A)

Location: The Tibet House

Address: 22 W 15th St New York, NY 10011 (



About Dr. Paul R. Fleischman:

Dr. Fleischman is a senior Vipassana teacher under the guidance of S.N. Goenka, author of several books, including Cultivating Inner Peace, Karma and Chaos, and has been honored by the American Psychiatric Association for his contributions to the study of religion and spirituality in medicine.